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Recycled/Recyclable (A4) Courier Bag (Pack/100)

  • Product code: BMCR3
  • 255 x 325 + Flap
  • Pack/100

Our Recycled/Recyclable Courier Bags are made from 100% recycled plastic (this includes the removable strip with adhesive* backing and the inner bag) and is recyclable where soft plastic recycling programs exist.
*Made from 100% recycled plastic
*Fully Recyclable where soft plastic recycling is available
*Moisture/water resistant
*Can be reused multiple times before they need to be recycled
Size: 255 x 325+ 50 Flap
Sold in packs/100
*Adhesive is new (not recycled).

1 packet $30.00
5 packets $27.00
10+ packets $26.09
Recycled/Recyclable (A4) Courier Bag (Pack/100)