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Towa Label Applicator

  • Product code: LGAPN-30
  • Stroke 20mm - 60mm Width 20mm - 30mm
  • Each

Label Size
Stroke 20mm - 60mm Width 20mm - 30mm
Towa label applicator APN-30 is an epoch-making tool specially designed to simply and firmly dispense and apply barcode labels, general labels and/ or seals in roll.
With this machine you will be able to dispense various kinds of labels in an easy manner given that no mechanical adjustment is required.
Towa label applicator APN-30 includes a “Mech- Sensor System” to automatically detect labels of different strokes eliminating the need for manual alignment when you load labels.
The Towa label applicator APN-30 can be operated like Hand Labeller and is able to satisfy the needs of a variety of business such as Retailers, Logistics, Couriers, Agriculture and Fishery, Manufactures among others.
This is a convenient and durable device that can help to increase the number of items that you can label every day

1+ each $231.13
Towa Label Applicator