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PETX Embossed Strapping 16mm x 1200m (0.9 thick)

  • Product code: STPETX
  • 16mm x 1200mt
  • Roll

PET-X Strapping (603181M) 16mm x 1200m (0.9 Thick)

PET-X strapping is characterized by a very consistent tensile strength and very high elongation. Characteristics that are most decisive factor for a safe and reliable strapping method. Unlike strapping made from steel, PET-X strapping having its very high elongation, is able to absorb shocks and impacts during transportation and handling far better than steel strapping is capable of. The excellent elongation allows the substitution for the same application with PET-X strap having a lower breaking strength.

  • Opaque Green Colour (colour varies from recycled material used in manufacture)
  • Size: 16mm X 1200m
  • Thickness: 0.9mm
  • Breaking Load = 675kg
  • Code on Packaging: 603181M

1 roll $119.48
2 rolls $112.00
3+ rolls $105.00
PETX Embossed Strapping 16mm x 1200m (0.9 thick)