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YAW (You Add Water) Floral Multi-Purpose Cleaner (80 Sachets)

  • Product code: WCFLO320
  • Tub

YAW (You Add Water) is water soluble cleaning sachet/tablet concentrate - simply take one sachet or tablet and add the stated amount of water. This simple process makes training staff and stock management easy and eliminates overuse through mixing incorrect quantities or using confusing ratios (which is also cost effective).
YAW (You Add Water) concentrates reduce downstream waste costs bu up to 70% it is also easy to store which is a huge benefit when shelving is limited.
YAW Floral Multi Purpose Cleaner is an effective cleaner for heavy traffic areas which emulsifies oil, grease, and dirt leaving a stain and smear free finish. Formulated for most modern, washable surfaces such as walls, floors, tiles, etc. Leaves surfaces with a pleasant lingering floral fragrance.
*Pre-measured Dosage (no dispenser required)
*Concentrated Soluble Satchet Technology
*100% Biodegradable
*80 sachets per Tub
1x FLORAL MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER satchet makes up to 10 Litres of ready to use cleaning solution
EASY OT USE: Simply drop one FLORAL MULTI PURPOSE CLEANER sachet into a bucket and fill with 10 Litres of warm-hot water, agitate the solution with mop and apply to floor.

1+ tub $70.66
YAW (You Add Water) Floral Multi-Purpose Cleaner (80 Sachets)