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3M 96 Scotchbrite Hand Pad Pack/10

  • Product code: WW96A
  • Pack/10

10 packs per carton
Use for everyday cleaning of most cooking utensils and equipment. Scours 2 to 3 times faster and lasts 2 to 3 times longer than comparable pads. Non-rusting and resilient, this synthetic pad is an ideal replacement for steel wool or stainless steel scrubbers.
*Non-rusting and resilient high quality synthetic fibers to provide pad durability and long lasting usage
*Abrasive minerals selected to provide superior scouring for common cleaning jobs
*Abrasive mineral particles evenly distributed throughout the pad to help ensure effective, consistent, and long lasting performance throughout the life of the pad
*High quality bonding resin system designed to provide resistance to degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids

1+ packet $21.00
3M 96 Scotchbrite Hand Pad Pack/10