Large (Cold) Food Bowl & Lid Combo Carton/150

Large (Cold) Food Bowl & Lid Combo Carton/150

Price: $126.18 /carton

  • Code: FCON22
  • Dimensions: 187mm x 68mm
  • Unit: Carton (150)
  • Available

Large (1000ml) Kraft Food Bowl/Lid Combo Carton/150

Multi-food pots are designed to maximise visibility of tasty, fresh food with wide, low-profile bases and clear lids.

Ideal for cold foods such as pastas and salads for lunch menu items or dinner sides.

Recyclable bases & lids

  • Size: 1000ml Pots
  • Colour: Base/Kraft, Lid/Clear
  • Quantity: Carton of 150
  • Order Online 24/7
  • Delivery throughout NZ

These products are suitable for food which is to be consumed within two days*

Use with cold foods


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