Arandell Air Sanitiser (Spring Scent) 500ml Can

Arandell Air Sanitiser (Spring Scent) 500ml Can

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Arandell Air Sanitiser (500ml) Can - CommercIal Strength

KILLS AIRBORNE BACTERIA, neutralises odour and leaves a pleasant fragrance

MAC Arandell is a commercial strength air sanitiser. It contains a patented chemical deodorant which 'swallows up' most bad smelling airbourne compounds. They fall to the floor as odourless co-polymers.

Most odours occur when organic matter degenerates through the actions of active bacteria. Air freshener masks the odour, MAC Arandell destroys it.

It neutralises powerful vapours such as ammonia, formaldahyde and sulphur compounds, including odours caused by organic decomposition and smoke. Arandell is used in manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, education and domestic environments


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