KL6 Machine Dishwash Detergent 5L

KL6 Machine Dishwash Detergent 5L

Price: $54.38 /each

  • Code: WCKL6
  • Dimensions: 5 Litre
  • Unit: Each
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KL6 Machine Dishwash Detergent 5L (Automatic Commercial Dish and Glass wash Machines)

A premium liquid detergent formulated for use in automatic commercial dish and glasswash machines. Not recommended for aluminium or other soft metal-constructed kitchen items. Septic tank safe, when used as directed.

For use with Kemsol KemLock system only. Firmly connect Red Kemlock cap. Used at 0.5-2mls per litre via an automatic dosing pump.

The KemLock (closed loop) system is a smarter and safer approach to chemical dispensing. Preventing leaks and spills, reduces chemical waste and boasts accurate dosing.

A consistent, reliable chemical delivery system, eliminating spills, drips and the chance of product contact by staff.

Safer. Smarter. Simpler.

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