Bic Intensity Metallic Markers (2 Pack) Gold, Silver

Bic Intensity Metallic Markers (2 Pack) Gold, Silver

Price: $6.50 - $7.56 /packet

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Bic Intensity Metallic Permanent Markers (2 Pack) Gold, Silver

BIC Intensity Fine Permanent Metallic Markers bring bold and colourful flair from projects to creations.

Unique snap-cap prevents dry out even if left uncapped for up to 1 month.

Non-slip grip for enhanced control.

Low-odour, acid-free ink markers provide fade and water-resistant marking on almost any surface, glass and metal to photos and foils. .

Ultra-resistant nib retains the fine point even after excessive use. Line width 0.8 x 1.8mm

Perfect for arts & crafts, home & office and stands out of black cardboard for birthday and wedding memory boards.

  • Pack Size: 2 Metallic Markers
  • Colours: Gold and Silver
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