Liminate Commercial Strength Deodorant 5L (HK07)

Liminate Commercial Strength Deodorant 5L (HK07)

Price: $89.00 /each

  • Code: WCLIMI
  • Dimensions: 5L
  • Unit: Each
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Liminate Commercial Strength Deodorising Agent 5L (HK07)

Two-stage high-strength deodorant & reodorant which neutralises existing odours, and leaves a lasting floral fragrance.

Effective against a wide range of odours from a variety of sources including tobacco, alcohol, decaying vegetable matter, mould, mildew, faeces, food waste, fermentations and biological waste.

Spray directly and sparingly into the air using a pump action spray bottle or fogging machine. Will act instantly to react with noxious odours leaving the atmosphere free of odour and with a floral fragrance. (Spray Bottle available upon request).

  • Highly Effective
  • Instant Odour Lockdown
  • Lingering Floral Fragrance
  • Non-Flammable
  • Two-Stage Neutraliser
  • Contains Para BN15
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  • Delivery Throughout NZ

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