Express SR Heavy Duty Cleaner (Food Grade) 5L (FP09)

Express SR Heavy Duty Cleaner (Food Grade) 5L (FP09)

Price: $33.62 /each

  • Code: WCEXPHD
  • Dimensions: 5 Litre
  • Unit: Each
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Express S.R Heavy Duty Cleaner (Food Grade) 5L

EXPRESS S.R. is a heavy-duty cleaner for a wide range of applications. These include walls, floors, equipment and machine parts. It is especially useful on surfaces soiled with fat or oil.

EXPRESS S.R. contains a soil release agent which releases the static electric charge that adheres soiling to a surface, making it an effective first time cleaner, and making subsequent cleaning easier. A product designed and formulated to make heavy-duty cleaning jobs easy. The formula has no fragrance, so it is suitable in food processing areas.


Appearance: Clear blue liquid
Fragrance: No fragrance
Specific gravity: 1.063
pH: 12 to 13 (100%)


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