Plain Polybags 70mu Pack/100

Plain Polybags 70mu Pack/100

Price: $72.23 /packet

  • Code: BP500D
  • Dimensions: 500 x 750mm
  • Unit: Pack/100
  • Available

Clear Open Ended Polybags 70mu Thick (Pack/100) 500x750mm

Our polybags are flat, open ended bags that can be closed with twist ties, ribbons, bag closer tape or heat sealed.

Polybags are cost effective and perfect for storing and/or transporting powders, ice, food, produce, clothes and more.

Our polybags are also clear which makes it easy to identify product quickly or for displaying your product.

Polybags are mainly used for industrial applications, protecting newly manufactured product or protecting product in transit but can also be used in many other areas including hobbyists and around the home

This resealable minigrip bag are 70 micron heavy duty grade plastic and are perfect when a thicker resealable bag is required.

  • Size: 500mm x 750mm (70mu)
  • Sold in packs/100
  • Order Online 24/7
  • Delivery throughout NZ

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