Ansell Hyflex LD Nitrile Gloves Pack/12 Pairs

Ansell Hyflex LD Nitrile Gloves Pack/12 Pairs

Price: $63.42 - $93.30 /packet

  • Code: HGHLD9
  • Dimensions: Size 9
  • Unit: Packet/12
Quantity Pricing
1 packet $93.30
12 packets $74.00
24 packets $63.42
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Key features and benefits
- The nitrile patent pending foam coating is 20% more breathable than earlier formulations - for cooler, drier hands and less sweat
- Snug, second-skin tailoring tightens the fit across the palm for added comfort and tactility improving dexterity when moving between tasks.
- Ergonomic fit Optimized knitting at the base of the pinky finger, across the finger tips and through the palm matches natural hand contours
- Silicone-free. No transfer of silicone contaminants to metal parts prior to painting
¦ Adjusting parts, systems
¦ Adjusting systems and screwing
¦ Assembling and mounting components
¦ Assembly & disassembly of equipment
¦ Assembly & inspection of components
¦ Chassis assembly, body trimming
¦ Handling incoming goods
¦ Loading and unloading trucks and vehicles
¦ Loading trucks & vehicles
¦ Lock smith
¦ Opening furnaces draining pumps valves or lines and crackers BTX process
¦ Picking, fastening components
¦ Product shipping, transport and delivery
Sold per Packet (12 Pairs per Packet)
Carton size 12 packets containing 12 pairs of Gloves (volume pricing applies to carton rate)


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