Surface Protection Film Hi Tack 6091

Surface Protection Film Hi Tack 6091

Price: $139.00 /roll

  • Code: TS6091-300
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 100mtr
  • Unit: Roll
  • Available

The 6091is made from an extra tough Black / White Polyethylene Film & coated with a solvent
free pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive.
This product is designed for temporary protection of surface areas such as stainless steel,
powder coated metals & aluminum, laminates & most plastic surfaces to prevent damage,
abrasion, scratching & avoids costly product replacements.
The acrylic adhesion level is good for semi-textured surfaces with excellent initial tack & will
removal from most surfaces without leaving residue behind (prior testing is always recommended).
If applied correctly to the surface the exterior life is 6 months under normal weather conditions
(we recommend pre testing to establish surface – adhesive compatibility).
Extra lm thickness means the 6091 can withstand more abrasive applications.
The Black / White colour is excellent for identication.
The 6091 is easy to apply & can be slit in New Zealand to various required width sizes.
Surface Protection of various substrates such as – stainless steel, powder coated metals,
aluminum, laminate & most plastic surfaces (testing will be conducted prior to application).
Adhesion level is good for textured or higher gloss surfaces.
The 6091 can be used during manufacturing processing or fabrication, assembly, transportation
& storage.


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