3m Microfibre Blue High Performance Cloth (Pack/10)

3m Microfibre Blue High Performance Cloth (Pack/10)

Price: $37.00 /packet

  • Code: WWSQ21S
  • Dimensions: 360mm x 360mm
  • Unit: Pack/10
  • Available
  • Eco-friendly

3m Microfiber Blue High Performance Cloths

  • The cloth itself is chemical free and picks up dirt, oil and grease without streaking or smearing.
  • The cloth can be reused by throwing it in the washing machine. The cloth can be used on virtually any surface.
  • Try it on plastic, glass, mirrors, brass, stainless steel, chrome, metal, marble, painted metals, ceramic, fibreglass, electronic, equipment, computer monitors.
  • Great for removing lipstick from cups and glasses
  • Size: 360mm x 360mm
  • Quantity: 10 per packet

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